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11 December, 2020

Chakma District Congress Committee launches its official website

Kamalanagar, Mizoram: Chakma District Congress Committee has launched its official website today at Congress Bhavan in Kamalanagar, the headquarter of Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC). Mr. Ramani Chakma, President of Chakma District Congress Committee (CDCC) formally launched the portal. He said, “In the age of information and communications technology (ICT), online portals and social media are important tools for conveying any kind of message. The launching of the official website is a great achievement for the CDCC and I welcome and thank the media department for taking this step which will fill up any gap between the public and the Congress party at large”. Mr. Sushil Kumar Chakma, Vice-President, CDCC and Mr. Adikanta Tongchangya, Senior Adviser, CDCC also congratulated the media department for the achievement.

Mr. Pulin Bayan Chakma, Senior Adviser, CDCC, congratulated all party members on the launch of the official website and said, “I congratulate from my deepest heart to all my fellow Congress workers in CDCC for achieving this milestone. This website will help disseminating various historical facts, formulation of ideas and policies for the development of Congress Party. I have faith and trust in all my fellow Congress workers who are engaged and taking responsibilities in CDCC, CDYCC (Chakma District Youth Congress Committee), CDMCC (Chakma District Mahila Congress Committee), NSUI (National Student Union of India), BCC (Block Congress Committee), and all units. Always remember to follow the guidelines of the Indian National Congress (INC) and follow its path to achieve ultimate success”.

The newly launched web portal will be a dynamic platform through which people from anywhere in the world can access information about its organizational activities and help to connect with the people digitally.

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