33 families join into Congress in Chakma Autonomous District Council


Kamalanagar, Mizoram: The President, CDCC Shri Ramani Chakma in its 16th Friday Political Session held on 12th February, 2021 at Congress Bhawan, Kamalanagar has announced the 33 families who have joined in Congress from several villages under Parva, Devasora South, Rengkashya and Longpuighat Constituencies during the recent visit 5 members team in 4 Constituencies.


Among the 33 families, 7 families are from ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) and 26 families from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The 33 families have submitted their joining letters to the team members on the spot during their visit.


Addressing to the session, Mr. Ramani Chakma said, “The people of CADC are losing their faith to the ruling MNF Govt. who haven't fulfilled any promises yet as per their campaign manifesto during the last MDC general election. Due to this reason, they are joining in the Congress."


Alleging to the BJP, he said, “The lotus will never ever blossom in Mizoram. If the MNF falls the Congress will be in power and if the Congress falls the MNF will be in power. It just likes two sides of the coins. There will be no BJP in CADC once if Narendra Modi loses in the Centre" he added.


He also said, “More voters and families have promised us in our recent tour to joint in Congress in the coming days.”


Finally, he wholeheartedly welcome to all the 33 families into the Congress fraternity and he hoped the Congress will surely come back to power in 2023 CADC General election.