Chakma District Youth Congress Committee condemns CDMNF Media Cell for fake publicity and propaganda.

PRESS RELEASE CDYCC 14 Jan 2021.jpeg

Kamalanagar, 14 Jan 2021: The Chakma District MNF Media cell had recently published a photo on its official Facebook page with the caption, 'Dg Kalini Moy Chakma S/o Sukriti Chakma of Ugadasury South has joined MNF at Kamalanagar Town. He was an active worker of Chakma District Youth Congress Committee.'

The President of CDYCC, Mr Lokesh Chakma said, "Mr. Kalini Moy Chakma did not hold any primary membership or official post in the Chakma District Youth Congress Committee (CDYCC). In fact, he was involved in anti-party activities and rejected the ticket at the final hour despite assurance by the Chakma District Congress Committee (CDCC) for the by-election of Ugudasury South MDC Constituency held in 2019. For these reasons, he was repeatedly summoned for explanation but he failed to answer. Therefore, the CDCC expelled him from the primary membership of INC on 1st October, 2019".

"The CDYCC strongly condemns the fake publicity of the CDMNF Media Cell for this kind of dirty politics for defaming our INC Party on public platform with false narrative", said Lokesh Chakma.

"The Chakma District Mizo National Front leadership in CADC should refrain from such fake publicity and propaganda in social media and focus on the efficient administration of the Chakma Autonomous District Council", he added.